Brewing up a storm with Masala Tee

…see my latest article in Financial Chronicle

No doubt as an academic what I’m supposed to now write is an ‘insightful’ analysis of how images of nationhood and femininity, refracted over the past few decades through the lens of Bollywood (and most recently in its craze for hyper nostalgic, retro-laden films) have been interpreted here on the tee’s… and how this kind of imagery is part of a rich and ongoing process of redefining traditional idioms of Indian-ness in terms of modern cultural identity. Well that’s one way to swing it…but equally important to talk about, is the energy Sheika and Noe bring to this small but beautifully formed socially responsible brand, based in Delhi. They face the challenges of any small ethical business; how to source consistently good organic cotton whilst ensuring the integrity of the supply chain, how to do a lot with small resources and whilst running the business themselves and how to market their concept. They do all of this rather well, and the brand is consistently attention grabbing, playful and inventive in its use of bold graphics (with the obvious visual references to both Warhol and Bollywood), as well as its honing of social media to market and create a global community around Masala Tee’s charitable work with children in Delhi, which is a central focus for Sheika and Noe.


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