Red, White, Blue and a discount or two…

Jubilee madness appears to have hit Britain so this blog is bending to a little of the fervour with posts which cover important topics such as the Jubilee marketing strategy of UK fashion retailers plus Launer, the company who makes the Queen’s handbags, and what exactly is kept those handbags?

Whistles has 20% off a selection of dresses with the cheeky “One does love a discount”


In general UK fashion retailers seem to be offering themed discounts but in terms of graphics few with the glee of Matches have gone to town with photoshop with all the determination of the village committee of a country fair getting out the bunting, creating some fun patriotic-esque imagery in the process. Of course, being to do with the Queen, it references punk Sex Pistols imagery and has fun with pasting some seriously bling jewellery on the corgis.

Matches go to town with Jubilee fervour
Corgis do bling


It’s really great!

Selfridges have provided an edit worthy of the cheerfulness of a British seaside souvenir shop, but with luxury items such as Union Jack emblazoned Alexander McQueen clutches, Barbour Jackets and Launer handbags.

Reiss have tastefully made no reference or discounts in relation to the Jubilee- so they definitely wont be seen to be cashing in on their Royal association.

Jaeger has actually created a limited edition collection, based on an abstracted print of a Diamond which is really pretty and makes for an interesting play on the flower prints which have dominated collections the past couple of seasons

Jaeger takes the Diamond theme and runs with it

Abstract diamond print for Jaeger’s Ltd Editon Jubilee collection

Jaeger Diamond Jubilee Ltd ed scarf

…and where would the Jubilee collection be without a covetable headscarf?!


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