The Smart Way to Socially Responsible Luxury

Images by Raju Patil for Forbes India

Social entrepreneurship and bespoke tailoring skills are brought together by Suresh and Mahesh Ramakrishnan, who with their Savile Row tailoring outfit Whitcomb and Shaftesbury, are showing that luxury can find new ways of bringing together the finest things (in this case smart bespoke suits) with socially responsible business.

Savile Row is a wellspring of creative energy stemming from its incredible heritage and the continuity of its tailoring traditions. But it is also under attack from fast fashion brands that are setting up shop on Savile Row, threatening to destroy its character. Tailors on the Row must also balance their unique heritage with the pressures of adapting to expanding markets globally.

How Savile Row rises to these challenges is a litmus test of what heritage really means, and how it can adapt to changing times in positive ways. The Ramakrishnan brothers are providing one example by doing something quite ground breaking. They are helping to preserve the continuity of bespoke tailoring skills whilst opening up the supply chain to the concept of socially responsible luxury- bringing together rehabilitation for Tsunami victims with high value added skills training. My story on their inspiring business can be seen in this month’s edition of Forbes India. CLICK…!


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