Neo Drape

Swati Rao who along with Shalini Sud will be presenting a paper on the sari as Neo Drape tomorrow at the second non-Western fashion conference at the London College of Fashion, posted a rather cute video by Vogue India on the conference website here

The video (see below) features Vogue India Fashion Director Anaita Shroff Adajania talking about the constant reinvention of the sari, fusing this traditional uncut length of fabric with global trend concepts including print clashing, pairing with trousers, denim or a leather jacket and printed with just about any kind of funky design you could imagine! As Anaita says all ways in which the sari can be ‘fun, super cool and experimental’.

I am particularly taken with the sari drape and palazzo pants combo. In look two of the video the combination of the floral print Mary Katrantzou corset top and Yogesh Chaudhary printed chanderi sari, on which traditional buti-like motifs turn out on closer inspection to be hand printed Pac Man symbols is also rather beguiling.

…just goes to show how the dichotomy between ‘traditional’ clothing and ‘global fashion’ continues to produce some of the most interesting non-Western fashion.


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