Holy Holi: Manish Arora

Adoring re-watching the Manish Arora fashion film, first showcased at Paris Fashion week in September 2013 which went on to win the Grand Prix at Diane Pernet’s A Shaded View on Fashion (ASVOF) film festival in Paris in October. Arora dedicated the atmospheric fashion film to the widows of Varanasi, who for the first time in 2013, broke convention that widows should wear only white and celebrated Holi. The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack is provided by the British singer Bishi Bhattacharya who also stars in the video. Kudos to her for wandering around the streets of Varanasi in towering heels and classic Arora creations such as the style of dress first seen in his AW/09-10 catwalk show, which mixed eighties Thierry Mugler style shoulder pads with exotically shimmering lions and a futuristic sci-fi sensibility yet all lent seamless composition by Arora’s gift for structured, ultra-feminine silhouettes- utter, surreal splendour…

Manish Arora AW/09-10

Manish Arora AW/09-10


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